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Google Assistant’s ‘Interpreter mode’ translates conversations in real time

Google Assistant’s ‘Interpreter mode’ translates conversations in real time

One of the long-standing promises of modern technology has been the ability to translate conversations in real-time. Google is making this a reality with a feature called Interpreter mode. Previously available on Google Home and Nest devices, it will now work on any Android or iOS phone running the Google Assistant. A more useful place for it, if you ask me. Simply say “Hey Google, help me speak Spanish” or “be my Spanish translator,” and Google will help you out with speedy translations that are both displayed on-screen and read out loud. Google will also provide a few Smart Replies…

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Amazon just released the first trailer for 'New World,' a massive multiplayer online game coming to PC in May 2020 (AMZN)

Amazon just released the first trailer for 'New World,' a massive multiplayer online game coming to PC in May 2020 (AMZN)

New world Amazon

  • Amazon has offered an early look at its upcoming video game, "New World," one of three PC games the company announced in 2016.
  • "New World" is a massive multiplayer online role-playing game, in the style of "World of Warcraft" and "Final Fantasy XIV."
  • Players will adventure through a supernatural island called Aeterneum, clearing out dangerous beasts and monsters and gradually building homes and settlements.
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Amazon showed off "New World," its new massively multiplayer online video game, with a cinematic trailer during the 2019 Game Awards in Los Angeles on Thursday night.

Amazon's in-house development studio, Amazon Games, has been working on "New World" for more than three years, and it will be the young studio's first major release when it launches in May 2020.

"New World" is an open-world adventure game set in the 17th century's "Age of Exploration." Players will explore an uncharted fictional island called Aeternum that's home to savage wildlife, mythical creatures, and fellow settlers. Dark magic flows beneath the soil of Aeterneum, haunting the wilderness and possessing the island's inhabitants over time.


Players can work together to discover the Aeternum's secrets and expand their colonial settlements on the island. Up to 100 players can fight side by side to defend their settlements against the island's supernatural forces, or other invading players. Earlier this year, Amazon offered a short preview of "New World" to members of the press.

Unlike traditional online role-playing games like "World of Warcraft," Amazon's "New World" will have more action-oriented combat. Learning how to wield weapons and position yourself on the battlefield will be just as important as improving your character's statistics. Characters won't be stuck in a specific class either, so every player will have access to the same types of skills and equipment as they progress through the game.

Over time, players will work to establish a personal home on Aeternum and fortify the existing settlements. The game will include a detailed crafting system that lets players construct all sorts of new items and upgrades, with no limit on how much players can increase their crafting skills. 

"New World" is ultimately a game about survival and exploration, and Amazon wants players to feel immersed in the world of Aeternum. Just like popular MMOs like "World of Warcraft" and "Final Fantasy XIV," players will be able to spend hundreds of hours adventuring through "New World." 

"We want our players to feel the depth — and the danger — of 'New World' from the moment they step onto the shores of Aeternum in May 2020," Christoph Hartmann, vice president of Amazon Games, said in a statement. "Our team has been working tirelessly to create a deep, immersive world that delivers challenges and surprises at every turn, and we're so excited to reveal a bit more of it today."

Amazon Games is based in Orange County, California, and employs industry veterans with past experience building massively multiplayer online games like "Destiny," "World of Warcraft," and "Everquest."

Preorders for "New World" are available now for $40, or $50 for the deluxe edition. Players who preorder will get early access to the game along with some special unlockable gifts to use in game. A closed beta for "New World" will open in April 2020 and the full game will launch in May 2020.

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BIG TECH IN HEALTHCARE: How Alphabet, Amazon, Apple, and Microsoft are shaking up healthcare — and what it means for the future of the industry (GOOGL, AAPL, AMZN, MSFT)

BIG TECH IN HEALTHCARE: How Alphabet, Amazon, Apple, and Microsoft are shaking up healthcare — and what it means for the future of the industry (GOOGL, AAPL, AMZN, MSFT)

This is a preview of a research report from Business Insider Intelligence, Business Insider's premium research service. To learn more about Business Insider Intelligence, click here.

bii big tech in healthcare ALL Four

The healthcare industry is undergoing a profound transformation. Costs are skyrocketing, consumer demand for more accessible care is growing rapidly, and healthcare companies are unable to keep up. 

Health organizations are increasingly turning to tech companies to facilitate this transformation in care delivery and lower health expenditures. The potential for tech-led digital health initiatives to help healthcare providers and insurers deliver safer, more efficient, and cost-effective care is significant. For healthcare organizations of all types, the collection, analyses, and application of patient data can minimize avoidable service use, improve health outcomes, and promote patient independence, which can assuage swelling costs.

For their part, the "Big Four" tech companies — Google-parent Alphabet, Amazon, Apple, and Microsoft — see an opportunity to tap into the lucrative health market. These same players are accelerating their efforts to reshape healthcare by developing and collaborating on new tools for consumers, medical professionals, and insurers.

In this report, Business Insider Intelligence explores the key strengths and offerings the Big Four will bring to the healthcare industry, as well as their approaches into the market. We'll then explore how these services and solutions are creating opportunities for health systems and insurers. Finally, the report will outline the barriers that are inhibiting the adoption and usage of the Big Four tech companies’ offerings and how these barriers can be circumvented.

Here are some of the key takeaways from the report:

  • Tech companies’ expertise in data management and analysis, along with their significant compute power, can help support healthcare payers, health systems, and consumers by providing a broader overview of how health is accessed and delivered.
  • Each of the Big Four tech companies — vying for a piece of the lucrative healthcare market — is leaning on their specific field of expertise to develop tools and solutions for consumers, providers, and payers.
    • Alphabet is focused on leveraging its dominance in data storage and analytics to become the leader in population health.
    • Amazon is leaning on its experience as a distribution platform for medical supplies, and developing its AI-assistant Alexa as an in-home health concierge.
    • Apple is actively turning its consumer products into patient health hubs.
    • Microsoft is focusing on cloud storage and analytics to tap into precision medicine.
  • Health organizations can further tap into the opportunity presented by tech’s entry into healthcare by collaborating with tech giants to realize cost savings and bolster their top lines. But understanding how each tech giant is approaching healthcare is crucial.

 In full, the report:

  • Pinpoints the key themes and industry-wide shifts that are driving the transformation of healthcare in the US.
  • Defines the main healthcare businesses and strategies of the Big Four tech companies.
  • Highlights the biggest potential impacts of each of the Big Four’s healthcare strategies for health systems and insurers.
  • Discusses the potential barriers that will challenge the adoption of the Big Four tech companies’ initiatives and how these hurdles can be overcome.

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