Sunday, 17 July 2016

How Developers Can Make Extra Money From Home

5 Awesome ways Developers Can Make Extra Money From Home

Web Developers these days wonder about not getting a job even after mastering several programming languages. Developing a site is not the only possible job you can do being an  expert in a programming language. Many people want to earn money from his/her own home instead of visiting office regularly.  There are several ways a developer can earn extra money from home which  I am going to describe them in this post.

1. Working as Freelancer

Clearly, freelancing is the best way to earn money from home for developers. in free lancing, you are not bounded to a particular company for long term basis and also you are not forced to work when you are not interested.
In freelancing sites, you can fix a price for your own work and also you have the choice to set the time you will be taking to complete the project. You can work for international projects and make contact with the clients all around the world. You can choose to work as a part time freelancer giving rest of the time in other jobs or to work as full-time freelancer where you will spend more time in freelancing and earn more bucks. For developers, there are many wawesome freelancing platforms to choose from some of them are Upwork and Toptal .


Blogging is one of the best  ways to earn money and it is not restricted to developers. But, being a developer you can write various blog posts on the programming language you are familiar with. Many developers spend a lot of time answering the doubts of noobies and ou can develop a very good platform with your blog. You can write  tips, tutorials, examples, tricks, etc and post in your blog which will be seen by other people. Once your blog gets a good traffic, you’ll place ads, you can also do affiliate marketing and increase your revenue. For blogging purpose, you can choose blogger and wordpress .

3. Writing or selling E-Books

If you have a really good knowledge of any programming language, writing ebook about that particular language will be an easy job for you. Cover every part of the programming language in your eBook. Try to make your book complete reference for a new learner, don’t put on wrong codes or complicated language which makes it hard for readers. In case you need format, you can see other eBooks and learn what to put on but the content should be completely yours.  You can publish and sell your eBook on Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing, Smashwords, Scribd Etc.

4. Creating Video Tutorials

As you are a  developer, you can spend some time of yours and make video tutorials on your favorite programming language. You can make complete video tutorial series and upload them in different sites like Udemy, Udacity, Youtube etc. If you caomplete your video series, you can choose from either uploading the videos for free on Youtube or sell them on other websites. In one hand, your knowledge of that language can be tested and increased and in other hand you will  earn extra money easily you can make money by monitizing your youtube channel with adsense for extra cash.

5. Making Plugins and Extension Development for other Websites

If you are a developer, you will have a good understanding on various plugins & extensions and moreover you will be familiar with developing those plugins and extensions. Developing plugins separately is also one of the best professions you can involve being a dev. And then you can sell your plugins and extensions in the way exactly similar to theme. Sellwire, CodeCanyon, Pulley, FetchApp, etc can be the good marketplaces for you to sell your plugins and extensions.