Wednesday, 6 July 2016

How To Hack Locked Folder In pc (Tested)

How to fix the Folder Lock forgotten password .

Step #1. Inserted PuppyLinux Live CD ( macPup 550) in his CD Drive.
Step #2. Configured the PC bios to boot from CD.
Step #3. Rebooted the PC.
Step#4. logged into the PuppyLinux.
Step #5. Mounted his D drive ie Partition where the 'Folder Lock' locked folder was present.
Step #6. Browsed into the folder -- now I could open the contents without any password.
Step #7. Opened some of them & shocked my friend. -- " files are back " - " Wait !! Work is half done".
Step#8. copied all the files and subfolders to another location.
Step #9. Removed the PuppyLinux CD from the cd Drive.
Step#10. Rebooted the Windows.
Step #11. The 'Folder Lock' password protected folder was in it's old place as it was untouched by us It had no clue what has happened and unaware that we had hacked it and copied all it's contents. Step#12. The new folder was present with all the contents intact. Sorry No ScreenShotstaken as I was working on Real Life Critical Mission. How the Hack worked : The FolderLock s/w works in windows . It makes use of Windows APIs to give access to the locked Folders/files We booted the PC using Linux OS Here the FolderLock API didn't work & worked as an injured enemy in war. What was left for us to do was to walk over and collect whatever we wanted. SIMPLE !! Hope youlike my new real life Hacking Experience If you too want to repeat it, you can do it easlily. just get a Small Puppy linux CD or any other heavy weight Linux CD.