Thursday, 21 July 2016

Top 5 Best Battery Saver Apps For Android 2016


#1 :-  DU Battery Saver – Top 5 Best Android Battery Saver Apps 2016:

DU Battery Saver – Best Android Battery Saver App :

DU battery saver is the best android app for saving your battery. Although it a most highly effective android app for prolonged smartphone battery usage. Based to my testing, it saves my battery power up to 50%. If DU battery saving is installed in your smart phone, It’ll eliminate all your battery power killer solutions and qualifications app to create your battery power for the lengthy run. There are some various modes are accessible to create your smart phone battery usage smaller than before.
After thinking about all these reason, I’ll include this in the listing of best battery saver app for android. You can also examine out our new publish on the best video player for android operating system, I’m confident it’ll help you.

#2. Juice defender – Top 5 Best Power Saving Apps for Android 2016:

Juice defender – Best Power Saving App for Android

Juice defender is a different But great computerized paid best battery power saver app for android. Which is effective in conditions of efficiency and choices. Many features like various user information, Arranging, innovative WiFi/3G data management, further and improved GPS management to sustain battery power variations to continuous.
Juice defender is accessible in three edition a FREE, Plus (1.99$), Juice defender Greatest (4.99$). Though in my viewpoint its worth for improving. Just I’ll say try this application once.

#3. Battery Doctor –Top 5 Best Battery Saver Apps for Android 2016:

Battery Battery Doctor App Download

Battery Doctor While I started seeking for Best android battery saver apps, I experienced Battery Doctor which is also great identity when it come to android mobile phone battery saver app. Battery Doctor is a user-friendly android os app that presented with real-time details while it signals you to turn off your mobile phones data, WiFi, and other battery power enemies to save your battery from being purged.
Another excellent option is that it informs how much battery power remaining, Uptime and battery power level zones.etc which creates it excellent in terms of best battery saver app for android.

#4. Battery Defender – Top 5 Best Battery Saver Apps for Android 2016

Battery Defender – Android Battery Saving App

Battery Defender is identical to that of the battery power doctor. This excellent app which is specific in extending your battery power for 15-20 minutes by limiting all the battery fantastic service like Data, GPS, WiFi. Sync.etc. It also allows the “asleep function which ends all credentials apps to increase your battery life. General Battery defender is on 4 out of  5 Best Battery Saver App for Android.

#5. Easy Battery Saver – Top 5 Best Battery Saver Apps for Android 2016

#5. Easy Battery Saver – Best Battery App for Android

Easy battery saver is one more android battery app for preserving your battery in an android operating system phone. It is like to that of the DU battery power saver and Juice Defender, It reveals you the battery power position in your homepage with fairly accurate value. It is user-friendly, mild yet highly effective to save your battery power. It has all other functions that must have in order to turn out to be best of best. sp i end my list of 5 Best Battery Saver App for Android.