Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Content Writer Interview Prepration Tips

 Characteristics of a good content writer-what to look for?

The role of a content manager and the process of developing content for a web site
is often an unclear task.
Generally, when a company decides to redesign their site, they do not take the task
of content creation and management fully into the scope of the project, and very
rarely understand the nature of the role, the process or the deliverables involved.
It is extremely difficult to find the perfect resource – but you need to know what you
are looking for in order to find the right person. Finding someone to manage the
content process for your website requires the person to have (some of) the following
1.) Self-Running: The person in this role needs to be self-running and ‘get it’ by
understanding what is required to develop website content. Each project and
situation is different. This person will need to manage a very daunting and deadline
driven process. Digging for information, pushing to make deadlines and running solo
without much guidance is par for the course.
2.) Organized: The content manager needs to have the organizational and
management skills to manage the process of content development. This generally
requires a project management or producer mentality – the ability to set and make
deadlines, manage resources and budgeted time, set expectations and communicate
effectively. This person needs to be detail-oriented and able to handle multiple
deliverables at one time.
3.) A writer or editor: The ability to write and edit is a critical component of the role
however this person may hire other copywriters to actually produce final content if
his or her style or writing ability does not match the needs of the project. Editing
skills are necessary to help conform the style and tone of various marketing
materials or previous site copy. Having a background in marketing is helpful but not
4.) Web savvy: The content manager doesn’t need to know the ins and outs of HTML
but should be familiar with enough markup to call out links and bolded or italicized
text. They need to understand how web writing differs from regular marketing copy.
Navigational copy needs to be addressed (some call it ‘navitorial copy’) along with
descriptions of images and page titles. Paragraphs need to be short and action
6.) Versed in information design: The content manager and/or copywriter should
work very closely with the information designer on the web team. The content
manager, if this is one of his or her skills, may actually produce what will become the
content outline and the initial wire frames for the project. This means the content
manager needs to understand the nuances of navigation, labeling and actionoriented
6.) knows the client’s industry: This is preferred, though not required. A smart
individual can interview, research and gain insight into the client’s industry fairly
quickly. It is a bonus if the content manager has background in the client’s particular
industry, along with the audience who will be interacting with the site.
This list of characteristics represents a best-case scenario for a web project --
especially one with no existing content and a tight deadline. If you invest in the right
resource, you can also expect this person to help write and manage the creation of
content for marketing efforts (on and offline), product documentation, site updates
and more. It is a worthwhile effort to screen and hire the right individual. Be aware:
You might need to go through more than one or two people to find an ideal fit.